Harshita Kumari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

James Winkle College of Pharmacy

231 Albert Sabin Way, 

MSB # 3109C

Cincinnati, OH, USA 45267-0514

Tel: +1-513-558-1872

Harshita Kumari, is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Cincinnati. Dr. Kumari’s work in the area of solution chemistry of supramolecular complexes is widely recognized. She integrates neutron scattering with supramolecular chemistry to unravel structural altercations in solution. Her current research focuses on integrating principles of modern biophysics into material and formulation science towards the development of novel skin care, oral care and hair care products. Her research projects focus on understanding mechanisms of delivery and deposition of actives onto the skin/hair and elucidating the parameters to control them. In addition, her research focuses on developing methods to construct novel nanometric delivery vehicles, based on the principles of self-assembly and molecular recognition. Her work is published in several peer reviewed journals. For more details, visit her research pages.